Sunday night, a glass a bear and some chicken wings.

Just sent a postcard
Mmm… who cares about the past tough week, or up coming challenge. I just want to have my beer and wings. Enjoy right now!

Table full of wings and beer that really makes me happy. 🙂

“The Flying Beaver Bar & Grill” is famous for their Wednesday wings night (45cents per wing, minimum 20 wings & a drink), and Sunday special ($50 cents per wing). Flavours are your usual BBQ, Salt & Paper, Honey Garlic, Teriyaki, Thai Chilli and “HOT!!”. My favourite is Thai Chilli and Salt & Paper. Try them all if you can. By the way, for those spicy monsters, if you don’t think “HOT!” is hot enough for you. You can request the chef to give you the “CHEF’s Special SUICIDE SAUCE”.

Sometimes I will order a salad or a side to balance with chicken wings.

Wednesday is the “wing night”, try to get there before 5-6pm. Otherwise expect minimun 30-45 min wait time before you find sitting. If you want to avoid Wednesday madness, I would recommend Sunday night which usually has just right amount the clamminess and bar & grill atmosphere. In winter I would recommend get there before 5pm, that way you can enjoy a little sunset view with your food.

The Flying Beaver Bar & Grill
4760 Inglis Dr
Richmond, BC V7B 1W4

Tel: (604) 273-0278

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