This is the last AutoX events before the 2013 ASN Canadian Autoslalom Championship Presented by Toyo Tires this year.

To prepare for the AutoX, ASR helped with upgraded springs for my KW V3 and ASR camber plates. The front springs are 600lbs/in and the rear is 800lbs/inUntitled
Here is the difference between the stock KW V3 setup on the right, and upgraded with ASR Camber Plate and Hypercoil springs on the left.

A quick look at rear setup.

Doing the corner weight
Also did a corner weight with the new setup, Thanks to PDM Racing.

Quick look at the setup, the turn-in is much quicker and more responsive compare to what they use to be. The car doesn’t dive in as much and respond back to me quicker than what I expected. I am still getting use the setup. When I did the spring upgrade, I also adjusted the rear sway bar back down to softer setting which I think is a big mistake. From this video, the rear tire drags a little longer before it lift off the ground, it also comes down quicker. That really made the tail stable, but at the same time sticky and less rotation for AutoX. I probably will have it back to the stiffest setting for CAC Championship.

Oops, I dropped my GoPro AGAIN!! DOH!